james 008 png-01
james 008 png-02

Please note:

I am only showing the finished renders. The process, research, ideation, sketches, prototypes and things alike is currently in development. I still wished to show my skill with Keyshot and Solidworks modeling. 
Email me with any questions you may have! I will be sure to answer. 

Thanks for understanding. 

james 008 dmm v.9
james 008 venting v.12
james 008 dmm v.4
james 008 venting v.13
james 008 UI_DMM_Bar Graph
james 008 UI_DMM_Graph select
james 008 dmm v.5
james 008 side dmm v.15
james 008 front wfg v.17
james 008 front wfg v.20
james 008 DAQ v.21
james 008 DAQ v.23

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