Name: 2024 GXV Hilt - by Storyteller Overland
RV Class: Class C RV/ Expedition Vehicle
Reason: First of its kind to ever be mass produced in the united states, if not globally
Certifications: RVIA Certified/ RAM Professional Body Builder Approved
Production Volume Goal: 2 a week
Designers Involved: Brent Lang/ Renee Pu/ Dillon Hollingsworth
My Responsibility: Interior
Development Time: 18 Months

gxv hilt 3
gxv hilt 2
gxv hilt 4
gxv hilt 7
gxv hilt 8
gxv hilt 9
gxv hilt 10
gxv hilt 11
gxv hilt 12
gxv hilt 13
gxv hilt 14
gxv hilt 15
gxv hilt 16
gxv hilt 17
gxv hilt 18
gxv hilt 19

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