Name: Bag-With-No-Name
Reason: To develop a quick disconnect storage solution that took advantage from "top-down" stacking. 
Production Volume Goal: 500 units
Designers Involved: Only myself
Development Time: 5 months.
Working Hours: ~130 hours
Lessons Learned:
- Working with softgoods is TUFF
- Working with a vendor overseas is a hefty communications challenge that takes clear and precise feedback.
- Sometimes more than 1 product can come from developing a single product.
- Selecting a fabric that suits the application, but tells a story is a fascinating balancing act. 

Install video of the final product. 
Never made it to market due to a change in business direction. 
Scroll below to see the development photos.

hanging bag CAD 1
hanging bag CAD 2
hanging bag CAD 3
hanging bag CAD
Prototype 1
Prototype 1.2
Prototype 1.3
Prototype 2
Prototype 2.4
Prototype 2.3
Prototype 2.2
Prototype 2.1
Hanging bag sketch 5
Hanging bag material selection
prototype 3.5
prototype 3.7
prototype 3.6
prototype 3.4
prototype 3
prototype 3.2
prototype 4.2
prototype 4
prototype 4.3
prototype 4.4

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